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Victim/Witness Assistance Program

The Ninth Circuit Victim Witness Program was developed to assist those who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system as victims of crime or witnesses. This program helps ensure that fair and compassionate treatment is given.

Our goal is to reduce confusion by explaining the criminal justice process, while providing information about services that are available. The legal process can be long and complicated. The Victim/Witness Program is available to make sure the needs of the victims and witnesses are met. We offer assistance to over 15,000 victims and witnesses each year. If you have been the victim of a crime, you may suffer from physical, emotional and/or financial difficulties long after the crime has occurred. We are committed to providing the necessary information and support throughout the legal process in order to minimize the unpleasantness of a difficult situation.

Because victim and witness participation is vital to pursuing any criminal matter, the Victim/Witness Program considers your input and opinions essential in bringing criminals to justice. With a cooperative effort from the victim, witnesses, and the Solicitorís Office, we will more effectively prosecute those who have violated the law and provide valuable services to those who have been adversely affected by crime. Therefore, we pledge to serve your needs and advocate for your rights to the best of our ability throughout your involvement in the system.


Victim Witness Coordinator

Teri Porcel


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Survivors of Homicide Support Group Services


Notice from the Solicitor


The Victim/Witness Assistance Program of the Ninth Judicial Circuit has served crime victims and witnesses since its inception in March of 1981.


The Victim/Witness Assistance Program is involved in community awareness and education.  The program staff often speaks in the community on victim/witness issues.


The participation of victims and witnesses is vital to the effective administration of justice in the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Charleston and Berkeley Counties).  In 1984, South Carolina General Assembly approved a program solely for the aid of victims and witnesses.  The overall goal of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program is to balance the scales of justice ensuring that victims and witnesses receive appropriate legal attention and supportive services.  Victims and witnesses often feel intimidated and inconvenienced by the criminal justice system.  The advocates working in the program are trained to provide necessary services to those who require support from this program.


Too often in our criminal justice system, the rights of the crime victim have taken a backseat to the rights of the perpetrator.  To correct this, our office is charged with enforcing the South Carolina Victim and Witness Bill of Rights.  We stand ready to assist if you should become a victim of a criminal act, or are a witness to one.  Our goal is to minimize the personal hardship and inconvenience which may result from your interaction with the criminal justice system.


We pledge to do our part in assisting you, and ask for your cooperation in seeking justice against those who have violated our laws.


Scarlett A. Wilson


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