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Pre-Trial Intervention Program Requirements

Before you can be accepted into the program you must:

  1. Furnish the program complete information on any matter dealing with the pending charge(s) against you, your prior history, and your current activities.

  2. Agree to make restitution for any losses to the victim in your case.

  3. Pay your $100.00 non-refundable application fee at the Orientation Session. (MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED CHECK ONLY).

  4. Keep all appointments promptly as scheduled for you by PTI personnel.

  5. Agree to commit no more crimes.

  6. Have had no prior participation in a PTI program.

If you enroll and are accepted into the program, the Solicitor will agree to hold the charges against you from going to trial. As long as you are in the program and living up to your agreement, your case will not be returned to court. Before the charges can be dismissed, you must have completed the following requirements:

  1. Pay the $250.00 non-refundable participation fee.

  2. If asked, submit to random drug testing and successfully pass it.

  3. Find a job, if unemployed, or enroll in school full time.

  4. Actively take part in the program as set forth by the counselor or case manager.

  5. Attend a prison tour when scheduled by the PTI Staff.

  6. Remain in the program a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 1 year.

  7. Pay back the victim of your crime for losses incurred.

  8. Not be re-arrested while enrolled in PTI.

  9. Not leave the state while the charges are pending against you, without specific permission from the PTI program.

If you fail to live up to your agreement with the Program or if the Solicitor discovers that you have been charged with another offense which was not known at the time you were accepted in the program, you can be expected to be terminated from the program. Upon termination, your case will be returned to court for full and swift prosecution.


All PTI clients may be subjected to random drug testing. On all drug-related charges, testing will be mandatory. Costs for testing are paid by the client directly to the PTI office. Clients will be told by the counselor/director when to report and render a urine specimen. Once notified, NO excuse for absence will be accepted. Samples will be screened by authorized laboratories. Test results will be reported directly to the PTI office. It will be to your benefit, both personally and financially, to be drug-free while in the PTI program.


Some counseling Services will be provided by Charleston County Pre-Trial Intervention. Other recommendations may be deemed appropriate by the counselor/director such as community service, or other out-patient/inpatient counseling services. Each PTI client is viewed as an individual with his/her own unique needs and goals. Therefore, program requirements must be individualized in offering the most effective means of treatment to the client.


Transfers to other counties within the state are available. Out-of-State transfers are not guaranteed due to varying state requirements. Fee payment will also be modified. Please ask the PTI Staff for details.

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