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9th Judicial Circuit Solicitorís Diversion Services
Charleston and Berkeley County

9th Judicial Circuit Diversion Services are programs mandated by State Statute that allow eligible applicants the opportunity to get certain types of pending charges dismissed with successful program completion.  This is accomplished for participants without the risk a criminal record (in PTI, AEP & WCU). The traffic diversion program (TEP) abolishes the risk of incurring an impaired driving record.  All program applicants receive a series of requirements and once successfully completed, charges are eligible for dismissal and expungement.

Although created by State Statute, our programs are self- supporting.  The Diversion Services programs and staff are under the control and supervision of the 9th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, Scarlett Wilson.  Our operations are made possible by the cooperation of Judicial, Law Enforcement, and Community agencies.  There are two Diversion Services offices in the 9th Circuit.  They are located downtown Charleston at 101 Meeting St., 2nd floor Suite 230 and in the Moncks Corner Courthouse at 300 B California Ave.  Applicants must apply to the county office where the citation occurred.   Cases may be handled locally or out of area.

Please see below for more specific information on each program. There are printable brochures and information documents to describe each application and participation process.  Application forms for all Diversion Services programs are also available to be printed from this site and can be completed ahead of time.  In most cases, application time will be reduced.


The Ninth Circuit
Diversion Services Director

Kat Connerty

Pretrial Intervention (PTI) - Ages 17 and up.  This program handles both General Sessions and Misdemeanor/Magistrate (or Summary) cases. The application process for each charge level is different so please see ďPTI Application ProcessĒ for complete information.

Alcohol Education Program (AEP) - Restricted to ages 17 to 20 at the time of the offense and only for minor alcohol and alcohol related charges. Walk in applications and out of area processes are described in the brochure below.

Traffic Education Program (TEP) - Easy mail in application process but walk ins are also accepted.  This program can be completed in 1 day with 4 hours defensive driving and 4 hours community service. This is a great opportunity to maintain a good driving record.

Worthless Check Program (WCU)-This is a free service to victims of bad checks. Contacting check writers, collection and victim restitution payments are the unitís primary purposes. Check writers may avoid the costly court process if the check is resolved prior to the bench warrant process.  A Victim worksheet or brochure may be printed from this site below.




Notice from the Solicitor


The Ninth Judicial Solicitorís Office has taken a strong position in prosecuting those who threaten our community and break our laws.  We recognize, however, that first-time offenders of nonviolent crimes may sincerely wish to turn their lives around, and that we may all benefit from their doing so through our Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).  Our program requires the participant to repay the community and the victim for criminal activity through community service or restitution; to gain an understanding of the judicial system through court observation and prison tours; and to be a productive and responsible citizen.  While in PTI, participants must undergo drug treatment or counseling sessions and must submit to random drug testing to ensure their compliance.


In return for compliance with all Pretrial requirements, participants will be eligible to have all records of their criminal arrest that were referred to the Pretrial Program removed from their record.  I urge anyone who is genuinely committed to leading a responsible and productive life in our community to take advantage of an acceptance into PTI.


Scarlett A. Wilson


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